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Finest Fabrics x Dreierhopp Berlin - Acel

A long time has passed since our last update, but we haven't been idle at all, doing a lot of background work. We have forged many new realationships, which are going to help our successful work in the future.

We have loads of plans just waiting to be accomplished, but you can read about this later.

We have also recreated our shorts in collaboration with Dreierhopp Berlin, which has been named 'Acel'. (It means: steel) The steel factory of our hometown is celebrate the 100th years anniversary in 2015.

This year's shorts have a very clear and pure appearance, its kind of black project. The weight oft The italian cotton is 200g/sqm. The fabric is an excellent quality, its specific characteristic is that the shine is a bit higher than average, which gives the character of the material. The shorts made in two colour: a sort of dark blue/kind of gray and shades of drab/khaki.

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Compared to last year the number of the pocket is 5, but we tried to do the desing less determining. Beside the two upper and the two back pocket, a smaller side pocket was made specifically for the Dreierhopp card holder.

The buttons of the shorts made of wood, but we used a special branded Antique Brass button from Canada, as well . The fabric inside is a high quality italian shirting with both of the brand's logo printed on it.
The shorts will be mailed in paper case with the tailor's signature.
The 'Steel' will soon be available in the webshop of Dreierhopp Berlin.


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