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Nordreisa Anorak

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Nordreisa is a reversible anorak made of Etaproof fabric.

Only a total of 24 pieces will be made of the anorak, based on individual requests.


EtaProof is a development of British traditional performance cotton, extra long staple fibre yarns are gently spun and twisted, then woven into an extremely dense plain weave cloth. The result is a dense all weather fabric which has a natural touch and comfort with rain and wind protection and natural breathability that is recognised world wide to be the best of its kind.

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Side "A" has two different colours; further to the existing combinations, you can select your own choice of colours, out of the following ones:

  • Red (Etaproof, 200g/sqm)
  • Beige (Etaproof, 200g/sqm)
  • Grey (Etaproof, 200g/sqm)
  • Yellow (cotton, 180g/sqm)


On side "A" of the anorak, the waistline and the hood can be tightened from the sides, and there are also two “breathing spots” on the sides.

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The Kvikk lunsj (getting its name from a popular Norwegian chocolate) zipper pocket with top opening can also be found on side “A”.

The pocket divided into three sections was designed to provide enough space for regularly used objects. The size of the smaller pockets placed on the sides match the dimensions of Mamnick - everyday holder.

The middle, larger pocket is a perfect place for a Kvikk lunsj chocolate, which we send you as a present, together with the anorak.


An internal pocket is placed in the zipped hand-warming pocket opening from the sides, which can easily provide room for a mobile phone.

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Side "B" is totally black, made of Etaproof (200g/sqm) fabric. We intended to achieve a simplistic, pure design characterised by the strap covering the zipper.

The side pockets can be closed in two steps, thus preventing any object falling out of them.

Due to the fact that only two pockets are placed on the black side of the anorak, we divided the pockets to a smaller and a larger section for practical utilisation reasons.


The basic design for the anorak is a former parka design sold by Frostline Kits (Dale Johnson, R.I.P.), The Finest Fabrics redesigned and upgraded it with permission of Brad Johnson.


Materials used:

  • Etaproof fabric: Stotz&Co. AG, Switzerland
  • Cotton: Fabric House, Italy
  • Zipper: Texxi, Italy
  • Hanger: Bristol Design Forge Ltd, England
  • Pin Badge: The Threewheelers, England


The anorak is manufactured in Hungary, by a second-generation professional tailor.


The price includes the following: Bespoke tailoring, 1 Kvikk Lunsj, 3 Finest Fabrics badges (red, black, green), a numbered wooden hanger with broad shoulders and costs of delivery.


Price of cotton / Etaproof anorak: EUR 250

Price of anorak complete made of Etaproof fabric: EUR 300


You can place your order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 09:40


Frostline was founded in Boulder, Colorado by Dale Johnson, in 1966. He and his wife Julie had previously worked for Gerry Mountaineering, another big name on the burgeoning outerwear scene in Colorado. The first Frostline catalog was produced in 1967, featuring sleeping bags and tents on the cover. Their unique selling point tapped into the do-it-yourself culture that prevailed in the area at the time. Frostline sold unfinished items. They would provide all the necessary components but leave the construction to the person who bought it.

They weren’t the only brand selling kits. EMS, REI and many more would sell their items in kit form. It seems a strange way to retail technical outerwear to us today but while we exist in a fast-culture the mentality back then was completely different. They had the appetite to put together Frostline items, not to mention far fewer distractions. They embraced the whole process. Eventually as the world began to turn a bit quicker, and cheaper ready-made imports began to filter into the US, Frostline and it’s competitors started to suffer. Dale Johnson sold Frostline to Gillette (of ‘best a man can get’ fame) in 1978, stating it was the perfect time to sell, but the company went from having 18 retail outlets to downsizing rapidly by the mid 1980′s.

As of today Frostline appears to have finished trading. Research done by a more investigative character than myself shows they last seemed to exist in 2006.

On February 23, 2012, Dale Lloyd Johnson passed away in Boulder.


I contated his son, Brad Johnson to ask for permission. I had an agreement with him. There is no barrier front of us to make the upgraged verison of the Frostline anorak

Brad is guiding both climbing and trekking groups in Peru. More about his company http://peaksandplaces.com/


Source: www.propermag.com


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Thursday, 31 July 2014 16:08


We will release our reversible anorak around September, which named and inspired by a beatiful region called Nordreisa (69°42′18″N 21°12′33″E).

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Always away

Two weeks ago I have managed to escaped from the cold and windy North for a short time. I spent my weekend in Berlin and Stockholm. Two great capitals, which are slightly different in general, but I had the same interest in both place. I have had a great time with masterminds, I met some good old friends and new ones and I drank better and better beers.
Take a look at my short photo report:

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Our last project, the Avas shorts, has been quite successful. We hope you all having a good time on and gathering memories while you're wearing them.
Let's write about the next project of our brand, which we will start soon; and the upcoming months will be only about it and nothing else.
We will focus on this every single day to make sure our dream come true.


We are going to make something great in small amount, what is based on two things.

Probably these are not the most important things to You, when doing your weekly or monthly purchase on the next garment.

Heritage is the first one, but not on the ordinary way; it comes without personal connection, but We are still feel that, we have a strong relation with it. Something happened 40 years ago and now We are the screws holding it together again.

North, the far north, I mean, more than 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Doesn't matter, where You live up here, your home will be surrounded by mountains which are protecting your home all year long, and the Norwegian sea might be at your doorstep.

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Thursday, 05 June 2014 02:00

Avas shorts

Avas shorts was our first collaboration with Dreierhopp Berlin. We decided  to make something unique in small quantity for the lads who live in one of the best city in Europe.


We have chosen the longer and more complicated way to get our fabric, what is perfectly match with our concept.

First of all we found  2 beautiful colour in YYK zippers (metal) Navy and hunter green, then everything based on these two colours. We used plain drill cotton fabric, what we sent forward for dyeing.

The fabric of the two front pocket dyed into same colour as the short

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Must say some words about the inner fabric too, what is one of the trademark in our shorts

We used 8 different shirt fabrics, several types like: cotton, brushed cotton, cotton/wool or

cotton/cashmere. This eventuality made the shorts unique, because we used each shirt fabric on different sizes.

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You might expect more than 3 and a half pocket from  summer shorts. Surely somebody gonna  soothe your hunger. We offer less, because You don’t have to carry more than your keys, mobile and wallet. These things are enough to get together with your friends to drink beer or be happy in a festival.

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Two slant pocket on the front and one welt back pockets with wooden button closure on the back. The back pocket made of shirt material. The bonus pocket is hidden in the waist of the short, is small, but it must fit for something what would you like to hide.


All about the details:

While we created the short sometimes, I felt like, We are set up far too many things together.

Finest Fabrics with the finest details so couldn’t say no to any idea what was around in our mind.

We divided  the short into two parts, inside and outside.

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Outside of the short is for Dreierhopp. Their logo embroidered on the bottom of the right side, at this moment

The second embroidery is not visible. Their motto only shows up when you turn it back the bottom of the short. Le mob sportif located at left side. In this case,  you can make the short shorter, brilliant.

Inside is more for the owner of the short. 3 different wooden buttons in 3 different sizes, the front  button is branded.

Belt loops in 2 sizes, decorated with shirt fabric. About the rest, you read above already.

We have controlled the whole process and created new solutions what you haven't seen before.

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The shorts designed by Finest Fabrics and  made by a 2nd generation tailor from the beginning till the end.

The shorts got a sewn paper case, what is signed by our tailor.

For more pictures and to buy please visit Dreirhopp Berlin.

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Finest Fabrics

We didn't do it for the glory. We did it for You.

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